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Tomorrow's Showcase, What can we expect? –

Tomorrow's Showcase, What can we expect?

Many rumors have been coming out these past 24 hours. Here are our predictions laid out for tomorrows Apple Event (Which you can watch LIVE with a full recap at NOTE: These are ONLY predictions. NOT FACTS.

IPad 3/HD?

Rumors have been circulating that the IPad 3 will be called the IPad HD. This product will have Retina display with Siri integrations plus a better battery, faster processor (Apple A5 or A5X), LTE 4G,  and camera. The tablet is set to have a bigger case size then the IPad 2 but we will have to see tomorrow.

 Mini IPad???

As I was writing this post, rumors circulated that the IPad 3 will be a Mini IPad. If this is true, Apple will be in the same market as the Kindle Fire,  a small tablet used for reading and surfing the web created by Amazon. If this is true, we could be seeing IPad fans running to buy the IPad 2. (Maybe not, but I will be.)

Apple TV

This is NOT going to be the full TV that we all hope it was going to be. The Apple TV will simply be a update to their original product. The Apple TV will be upgraded to 1080i HD and maybe have Siri integrated within the module to allow your voice to control the Apple Product. This device will also feature a HDMI output as it was on the original version.

A5X Processor

Apple rumors continue once more as we hear stories about the IPad being built with a brand new Processor. Faster then the original A5, this processor is called the A5x because of its incredible speed and heat resistant abilities.

Remember, these are predictions. But to know the truth, come join us tomorrow (March 7th) at 12 PM EST on

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