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To Do Applications For Mac OS X

To Do Applications For Mac OS X

For those who are highly organized in their work routine prepares a list of things that are needed to be done. Although, there are various options for preparing and saving a list of to dos, but, many of them are considered to be quite time consuming. Moreover, the complexity of the programs is also a problem plus the slow processing of these applications can simply drive you nuts. So, after doing extensive research, it have been concluded that the following applications of a Mac operating unit, according to my reviews are considered best for the managing of a To Do list. These programs are mentioned as follows:


This donationware application is a menu bar item used for the purpose of managing and reviewing. All those To Do’s that are stored in your iCal are automatically listed in the SoCal menu and quite a few options are provided for altering up the saved tasks. If you require editing a task, iCal application will be launched through which the changes can be made easily and correctly. Although, new tasks cannot be created nor existing tasks can be edited from SoCal, the priority of the task can be changed and can be marked as completed.


This shareware application was formulated by Second Gear LLC. this allows the user to add up events and those To Do’s that are in synchronization with the iCal feature. Addition of notes, events and alarms in the To Do’s is an added advantage. Double-clicking on the task or event that is saved in the Today’s window will automatically direct you to the iCal menu. A good feature of the program is that the application can be kept open on the other apps as well which makes it not only visible but easily accessible every time you want it. Moreover, if the size of the application is set to a smaller size, it can be extremely useful. The app can be accessed via the menu bar.


TaskMate can be considered as an application which is not fancied by any frills and is developed by Ryan Conway as a freeware. If you want to prepare a quick list, this program can be said as the best and the simplest of all. All you have to do is t add, delete or edit tasks saved within it. Although, the program is not in synchronization with the iCal, however, it is very useful for those reminders which the user requires to be kept safe on the desktop. Similar to Today, TaskMate can also be viewed above all other opened applications so as to make it visible. It cans me minimized to the smallest size so that it does not interfere with another work application.

To Do Widget

This is a simple widget application developed by Philipe Fatio and allows the user to add To Do’s that are automatically synchronized with the iCal feature. Tasks can also be marked as done under this application. The user can either opt for a new iCal calendar for separate tasks created within the widget program or you select the option of applying the task to all the calendars on the system. The To Do Widget also offers to adjust the font style and text style you require for your To Do’s.

DoBeDo Widget

Blue Henly and Ron Morrison created a freeware application and designed it in such a manner in which the To Do’s created can be automatically synchronized with iCal.  The setting preferences include the changing of the overall appearance of the Widget, selecting a printer for the application in default and arranging the order of the tasks. With the facility of adding new tasks, existing tasks can also be edited that are stored in iCal without even leaving the Dashboard Environment.


Although, this application of Apple Inc. cannot be categorized under To Do applications, however, a good feature of synchronization with the iCal of the saved To Do has been made a part of the application. To Do notes can be created in the Mail and can be assigned a due date plus a priority level to each of the task. Moreover, an alarm can also be settled for the purpose getting reminded before a task is near to due. As soon as a note is assigned in the TO Do option, the information is automatically and immediately shared between the two applications.

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