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Tips to Master A Mac

If you have bought in a Mac operating system and have started using it for a bit of time, you might actually will be in the need to determine as to how to master the system and how to use it in a very effective as well as efficient manner. There might be small tips and tricks that can help you rather than big shots. They may not be brain transformers but are certainly very effective in making the Mac computing experience mush easier as well as effective. Below mentioned are some of the tips which when used on your Mac system can turn out to be of great help.

  • Quick Look nearly everywhere: The functionality of Quick Look has been improved a lot in the Lion version. The user can easily press the Space bar to give it a Quick Look items within the Stack or from within the window of Print queue, the Mail app and so on.
  • Quick Opening of files: In order to open up a file, you are simply Quick Looking. All you have to do is to double click at any point on the window of Quick Look.
  • Launch apps by using Spotlight: If there is any app that is to be used but is not present within the Dock, the usual option is to hit the button of Command + Space which will open up the search box of Spotlight. After this start typing in the name of the app you want to find and a list will be populated that are the best match to the search. Press the Return button to get the app started without using the mouse at any level.
  • Pasting without formatting: If you are in the requirement to paste text without formatting – that is – if you want to paste plain text, press and hold the keys of Shift + Option + Command and then press V. however, this keyboard shortcut is quite tricky one as you have to make use of several fingers at a same time but the benefit it offers is worth it.
  • Clean up scattered apps within Mission Control: When you are using Mission Control, opting for the usual way of scrolling on a mouse or on a touchpad tend to cause the cursor on the windows to hover over so as to get it expanded so that the contents are viewed in a better position.

  • View the desktop: In order to quickly remove out all the windows from your desktop so as to look up at it, press and hold the Command key and click of the Expose shortcut which is F3.
  • Opening of a link in the new tab: If your Mac has a standard mouse that also holds a scroll wheels while hovering within a link in the browser so as to open up a link in to a new tab. This function can be used in many operating units including the Mac OS X.
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