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Tips for Testing with TestBirds – AppsWorld –

Tips for Testing with TestBirds – AppsWorld

What a lot of developers fail to do is test. Once the app development is finished, minimal testing is carried out due to the excitement of releasing it.
Be patient, hold back that eagerness. Companies and developers spend most of their money on marketing so ensure that when you release your app it is fully tested. TestBirds can do this for you in a matter of days. Their testers who use a wide range of platforms with various devices can test your app for programming bugs, usability improvements and design suggestions.


TestBirds call this crowd-testing, testing the usability and functionality of mobile software using the swarm intelligence of the mobile web. The tests are done by end-users from all kinds of backgrounds with a range of demographic dimensions. Thus, ensuring your application is as well tested as possible.

Philipp Benkler CEO of TestBirds said testing was not rated highly enough by large companies. According to a recent study by “World Quality Reports”, he states only one third of companies systematically test their mobile applications. For these companies, they have a lack of test experts and limited mobile devices. This is why crowd-testing is the recommended way.

The good’s and bad’s of crowd testing


  • The diversity and combinations of products, devices, operating systems and browsers is constantly growing.
  • It’s cheaper and more effective since you don’t have to buy all the products.
  • Testers are unbiased towards the company.
  • Diverse users geographical which allows localisation testing.
  • Shorter timer since testing can be done simultaneously.


  • Confidentiality must be managed closely as the number of non-internal individuals increases.
  • Immediate and prompt communication with a group of crowd testers can be difficult.
  • Crowd-source testers who compensate based on the number of bugs detected may detect a larger number of less impactful bugs while skipping over more critical bugs.
  • Test coverage can be difficult due to the non-planned nature.

By using independent company like TestBirds, many of the issues can be removed. TestBirds train their testers to produce independent quality results, ensuring they look for the right things.

If you are developer looking for testing or a consumer looking to earn a bit of money on the side then TestBirds could work for you.

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