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Tips for Advertising with MassiveImpact – AppsWorld –

Tips for Advertising with MassiveImpact – AppsWorld

The advertising world is a confusing one, for advertisers and publishers alike. While at AppsWorld, we headed over to the MassiveImpact stand to get some tips on this area. MassiveImpact specialise in advertising to the masses and are leading provider in connecting publishers to advertisers in the mobile world.

Essentially there are 4 main types of advertising in the technology world. We’ve written a description of each of them so you can gain an understanding.

Different Advertising Methods

The first is CPC (cost per click) which means advertisers pay a fixed fee per click on an advert. It works well when advertisers want visits on their site but is less accurate for measuring analytics about creating brand awareness. It’s the main player in the internet with two thirds of advertisement using it.

The second is CPM (cost per mile) which means advertisers pay a fee based on how many hundred/thousand viewers see the advert (in other words, the number of impressions). This one is becoming less popular due to the inaccuracy of real users against computers who actual see the advert. It’s vulnerable to “impression fraud” or computer bots viewing the page instead of real people.

CPA is the third player in the battle and involves users carrying out a process. Advertisers only pay when a user achieves a certain goal or objective. This may involve filling out a form, playing a game or signing up to a mailing list. It’s growing in popularity due to the increased venerability of cyber attacks in other advertisment.

Lastly, there is a fixed cost which is a straight fee for a set period of time irrespective of the of the ads virility or users response. This is popular in large sites were advertisers are confident about the statistics of a publishers website.

Now, don’t be fooled. There are many more methods which may benefit you better, these are just a few of the common ones. You have to ensure the method is the best one for you, both as a publisher and advertiser. MassiveImpact are the ‘middle man’ who connect the publishers to the advertisers and vice versa. The are the leading performer in this industry and offer a variety of plans to kick start your income.

What MassiveImpact do

Developers (Publishers) who wish to use MassiveImpact to provide advertisement in their mobile app can download the simple SDK which can then be implemented into the app. The app then provides localised adverts which developers can target to their audience. This allows for customisation to ensure appropriate content is shown. MassiveImpact work on a CPA (Cost per action) basis which means developers will be paid higher rates if a user watches a video or fills a form rather than CPC (cost per click). In addition they assure a 100% fill rate of advertisement 24 hours after space is requested. Their algorithms measure site activity and determine appropriate adverts to be used within the 24 hours.

Companies who wish to advertise a product can use MassiveImpact for this too. Companies can create their own adverts in any form they require or MassiveImpact can do it for you. CPA works well in this respect because you are only charged based on a response from users. However, as a result MassiveImpact take a 70% cut of the income made.

How to make your advert stand out

We spoke to Gil Regev who is the Vice President of Marketing for MassiveImpact and the featured presenter of “How to boost app downloads” at Apps World. We asked Regev about tips for breaking into the advertising world ensuring your advert was as appealing as possible. 

What makes a good advert?

  • Creative (Be different to others)
  • Interactive (Get users involved, then you are more likely to earn money through CPA)
  • Dominant (Fit as large proportion of the screen without destroying the user flow)
  • Fitting (Try to fit the type of interface so it looks natural)
  • Personalisation (Be custom to the user)
  • Interesting (Make it enjoyable to a user)

 Examples of good adverts?

  • Interactive Videos
  • Mini Games
  • Simple Quizzes

What makes a bad advert?

  • Static (No animation, no interaction, no fun!)
  • Irrelevance (Garden Accessory sales on a First Person Shooter Game, doesn’t make sense!)
  • Overcrowdness (Keep it simple, otherwise it is too confusing)

Examples of bad adverts?

  • Static Banner
  • Plain Text

Personal thoughts on the Advertising Industry

Regev continued to explain to us how he considered fake and explicit advertisement to become more of an issue due to the growing use of electronics in everyday life. With new devices coming out like the Samsung Galaxy Gear and possible hints at a new iWatch from Apple, more and more computers will be used offering an increased opportunity for more advertisment. He warns that unless this space is used correctly and appropriately we could become overrun by sliming regimes, teeth whitening kits and other dodgy products.  We were also informed that popular areas for advertisement are gaming and retail due heavy investment in these areas especially in the mobile world.

 Interactive video ads are gaining popularity compared to traditional banners

I hope some Regev’s comments and our own have proved useful.There are many ‘middle men’ out there but MassiveImpact seemed to tick all the boxes for us. You can find their plans here. Stay tuned for more Apps World coverage including Steve Wozniak’s opinions on the new iPad.

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