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Tinke By Zensorium Monitors Your Health and Stress

Tinke By Zensorium Monitors Your Health and Stress @ CES 2013

Continuing the theme of the mega-accessory day at CES 2013, comes the Tinke by Zensorium, which is a plug in thumb-pad which can take a reading of your health and stress levels and deliver the results directly to your iPhone.

The device can also monitor cardio-respiratory health via the pulse in your thumb and this can help you maintain a health lifestyle while at home and on the go.

The device also measures blood volume via optical sensing technology which measures the changes in this at your fingertips.  This little device can then monitor you, setting a day-by-day graph to show how your doing over the course of the week or month and whether you need to make any changes to your lifestyle all from the comfort of your idevice.

The Tinke features a “Vita” index which is a personalized cardio-respiratory score and is collected from heart-rate, blood oxygen level and respiratory rate.  The “Zen” index then relies solely on heart-rate to give you a score on stress levels.

Tinke will allow you to share your results on Facebook and Twitter and you can watch as your friends shout at you to get to the gym as soon as possible!

Tinke will feature 3 colors including Grey, Blue and Pink and white and the current announced price upon release is currently $119.

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