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Time Command Review

Waking up can be a chore sometimes so it helps if you have a decent alarm clock. Failing that, an iPhone will do just fine but better still, you could invest in a dock for your device that doubles as an alarm clock. If you have $100 to spare then the Time Command could be what you are looking for to make early mornings more bearable.

The Time Command is cylindrical, with buttons on top and a dock for your device. The dock connector is moveable and compatible with the iPhone, iPad and iPod and connects to the device with a 30-pin connector. In addition to its primary function, it also adds the extra benefit of charging them. The dock itself can either be plugged in or use batteries.

Time Command has a very simple but effective function and even works as an alarm clock in its own right, although its default alarm is far from pleasant and using it this way also requires you to manually set the clock. However there is not much reason for buying this other than to use with your iOS device. Once it is connected you will need to download the Time Command app, which is free, and you will be prompted to do so the moment it is connected. Once this is done, the clock will set itself based on the clock on your device. In addition to this you will also gain access to toher features.

The app itself will allow you to set recurring alarms, whether you want them every day, on the weekends or at more customised intervals. You can also set up individual alarms and there appears to be no limit on how many of these you can set. Each alarm can also be customised- you can designate a different sound for each one from a choice of four alarm sounds, as well as whatever you have in your library.

Other features include a useful weather forecasting function, which will inform you of current conditions as well as forecasting the day ahead. A calendar provides further forecasts and there is also a direct link to the WeatherBug website. You can also play your music through it by building a playlist or listen to internet radio, while a five-band equalizer allows you to play around with the output the way you see fit. Whatever you choose to do, it is all fairly simple, with icons providing shortcuts and the buttons on it are satisfyingly chunky and responsive.

An impressive feature is the way you can connect a lamp to it and the Time Command app will control its brightness depending on the time. When you sleep it goes out and when the alarm goes off it switches on to help you wake up.

However apart from this function, there is not a lot here that you can’t get somewhere else and Time Command does not really stand out above other docks. However at just $100 it is good value and it is certainly more than adequate in its own right.

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