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Tiled for iPhone and iPad App Review

Whatever device you use, you will probably have noticed that photo manipulation software is in no short supply. From the most basic free app to more complex Photoshop software, it is very easy to find one that suits your needs. If however you are looking for a more specific type of photo editing software, in this case one that allows you to make collages… well, there are a lot of them to choose from too. Tiled is one of the applications for the iPhone and iPad that offers this very function, but is it any good and should you choose this over the others?

Tiled is a cheap and cheerful little app, currently free for the time being from the App Store, although it is expected to retail at $0.99 soon, but either way expectations may be low for such an affordable alternative to the more expensive ones but this price is deceptive because Tiled is capable of quite a lot.

Tiled certainly looks basic when you fire it up but don’t let this fool you. When you begin you will be given the option to choose from a grid of templates to get you going, of which there are many, or you can create your own by selecting New. Once you’ve made your choice you can tinker with the layout to suit your needs. It’s all fairly simple and shouldn’t take you long to figure out.

Once this is out of the way you can really get to work. Select a tile on your empty collage and you will have the options to import a picture into it straight from the camera or other existing albums. You can also opt for solid colours and patterns. With an image in place you can then play about with it and add various effects. The options available depend on what kind of image you have in place. A self-explanatory option is the Write function, which allows you to add text to a frame, either over a picture or in its own frame.

When you’ve got it all the way you want it and saved it, you can then easily email it or share it on networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter or even Instagram, provided you have the app for it.

And that’s all there is to it. Tiled is a very simple app to use and is limited on what it can offer- it isn’t stuff with fancy features but just offers all the basics with enough flexibility to allow you to arrange and edit your pictures into a decent collage. It can hardly be criticised for its simplicity, especially when you consider the price or lack thereof, because it promises a decent photo collage function and that is exactly what you get.

Tiled is a simple app that skips all the glamorous bells and whistles many apps hide behind and presents a useful, efficient tool that provides great results and makes it easy to show them off. It may not do a lot but what it does, it does perfectly.

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