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Three Randomly Cool Apps From The App Store

Three Randomly Cool Apps From The App Store

As you navigate daily through thousands of MAC apps, it is quite easy to miss out on some great apps, especially on those which don’t exactly have enough user ratings just yet. This guide is meant to introduce you to a few of those apps and help you save time. Because we both know that time is money, my friend…

Dynamic Light

Are you a photo enthusiast or just got a cool new camera and play around with it all day? You’ve just decided you will be the world’s greatest photographer and you certainly got the eye for it, but you feel that something is missing? Dynamic Light helps you tweak and modify your taken picture with a few easy steps, so you don’t have to learn the heavy weight Photoshop in three days. Not to mention that thing’s expensive!

Dynamic Light helps you modify your photos just the way you want to, with a few simple clicks. It has many effects that can be applied to your photos, and furthermore helps you share your pictures with the world after you’ve modified them the way you want them.

The simple interface resembles an old radio where the wheels are various effect settings that can be fine tuned for each photo. Pre-set filters like the classic Black & White, Sepia, or more advanced ones like HDR photo can be found through a list of roughly 23 saved effects.

For the price of $5.99, altering your photos dramatically or in more subtle ways has never been easier.


So what can a simple animated bar do to help your focus while working? Are you the kind of person that is easily distracted by many tasks happening around you, pretty much anything to get you off your work, help you postpone the inevitable by just a bit longer? FocusBar gives periodical nudges (every 30 seconds) – with a predefined message, to remind you to get back on the task you should be working on. It is not a complicated task manager of any sort, and it only provides you with this one reminder until you choose to turn it off. You just have to pick what to focus on at the beginning, and the app will take care of annoying you for the following hours or so, until your work is done.

The app only costs $0.99, but can easily improve your work efficiency by a great deal.

Meal Planner

With today’s fast living, missing out on a lot of varied meals can happen a lot. Whether you’re in a hurry or just aren’t feeling hungry, or maybe the schedule is so dense that doesn’t allow you to spare time for each of your meals – whatever the reason – you may choose to give up on meals or just replace them with a cup of coffee or something like that.

MealPlanner helps you avoid health problems by combining a calendar with meal recipes that are suggested to you each day. The best part is that it can also create a printable list of groceries and what ingredients you should buy in order to cook them. Meal preferences are saved and soon after you start using this app, a simple drag end drop operation will sort your favorite food and maintain your eating habits healthy.


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