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This Is Clearly How Not to Get Yourself an iPhone 5

Taking a look at the Rather Odd side of this weeks events now…

With the iPhone 5 due in stores later this month (its already sold out online), here is how you should not go about trying to acquire one if you were disappointed with the online fiasco!

A Couple of robbers, earlier this week decided that they needed to get their hands on some iPhone’s, as well as a couple of MacBook Pro’s but could not wait till the store opened!

They decided the best thing to do was to drive their car directly through the security gate and window at an Apple Store in Temecula, California!  Watch the video Below to see More.

We at are highly amused to see that apple has no intention of stopping you driving into their stores to collect your device at launch…  leaving in your car however, is something that they do not want you to do quickly!

Whats even more interesting is, that they apparently do not steal enough products to cover what will be a large repair bill for the 4 Wheel Drive BMW – the car used to rob the store.

Currently both thieves are denying the charges, even tho multiple camera angles pretty much condemn one of them on the spot.

Remember folks, Look both ways before walking past your next apple store windows!

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We have FULL Coverage of Apples Next Event and other Events Here and on Youtube

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