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Theodolite Update Announced for iPhone 5

While we wait for Apple to fix their new Maps app so that it actually operates with some degree of accuracy, there is another exciting app on the way that provides an alternative way to navigate with your iPhone or iPad through the magic of augmented reality. Theodolite 3.1 is currently available for just $3.99 but customers who already own the older 3.0 version will be able to receive the update for free. Whether you have it or don’t, the update is well worth downloading, especially if you are one of the lucky customers who managed to get an iPhone 5.

Theodolite uses your camera as a viewfinder to present the world on your screen with a huge variety of augmentations that aid, educate and entertain you when you are out and about. The app provides all the function of a compass, GPS device, map, rangefinder and camera on one screen while the vast wealth of information it can present to you about your surroundings include position thanks to the GPS, altitude, range and inclination, all in real time as you move about. It is easy to see why Theodolite has been a favourite since its debut in 2009 and the updates only improve it.


Theodolite 3.1 is the newest version that has been optimised to suit the larger screen boasted by the iPhone 5, which offers among other things a panorama with 18% increase in width and more space for the interface on the screen. Another nice addition that helps navigation no end is the map markers feature that allows you to plot and follow a route on the screen as you go, while keeping you updated on the distance you have to travel.

The app is sophisticated but also easy to use and will give both the casual hiker and the professional geologist exactly what they want out of it, as well as everyone else in between. It can be used during outdoor leisure activities such as sports, boating and sightseeing, as well as more serious uses in fields such as surveying, architecture military manoeuvres and rescue operations.

Navigation with Theodolite couldn’t be easier as all you have to do is point and look, while the augmentation tells you everything you need to know. Point it anywhere and you will be told how far away that location is, the elevation between it and you, the angle you are in relation to it and many other pieces of information that pinpoint exactly where you are.

Getting lost in the wilderness will be much less of a problem with this app, especially with its resourceful use of battery power and ability to share your location details with others via text or emails.

Theodolite 3.1 is an improvement on an already excellent app that is truly indispensable for anyone who spends a lot of time in the great outdoors, be it for business, leisure or even rescue missions. It requires iOS 4.3 or later to run on your device and is available now from the App Store.

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