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The Week In iOS Accessories: Sounds good

The Week In iOS Accessories: Sounds good

The roundup of iOS accessories and features contains the usual add-ons of iPhones and iPads, but, the main focus in this week will be on the gadgets that will bring a new life to the MP# collection of the users.

Firstly, it should be mentioned that a Python-based API Plugin has also been made part of the new release. this launching of the API provides with the third party developers to have the capability to include triggering events, actions along with some native device types which have been determined as a completely built-in to the Server as well as in the Indigo User Interface. Now, Indigo can be termed as the first home automation computer application for Mac operating systems so as to supply the developers with a comprehensive as well as simply documented system of plug-ins. these plugins are placed excellently within the common language of Python programming ad are then completely sandboxed so as to assure that not even a single plug is now available to impede the server’s operation.

ColorWare: There are several accessories of iOS who like to give the brand a complex design along with a complicated name. But, this is not the case for ColorWare. the reason is its Wedge iPad, worth $200 stand what is quite claimed in the name f the accessory. The Wedge is a block made of aluminum which is also precision machined.  Moreover, it also has slots cut into it because of which the iPad can be easily displayed at 40, 50, 70 and also 80 degree angles. The sole of the stand iOS also made up of rubber so that it does not slides around from a tabletop or from a desktop. Every slot has been aligned with suede so that the tablet is protected from scratches and other dents.

Genius: Two brand new docking programs have been announced by the Taiwanese company – the $70 SP-i500 developed for iPhones and SP-i600 for $120 for Apple’s iPads. The SP-i500 has a feature of having a speaker of 1.5 inches so as to play high quality music on your iPhone. The latter has been designed to have 2-inch drivers which will offer stereo typed sound by either listening to the music or watching of the movies. This docking program also has a remote control feature along with an additional audio jack of input so as to make use of the speakers with the other devices as well.

Etre: This UK-based iOS accessory holds the concept of getting cold. It offers a whole line of iOS compatible gloves which allows the user to play out Angry Birds while keeping the warmth level up also. The Touchy gloves cost the user to pay $56 and clears out the job as done in a quite an old fashioned way, by simply providing coverage to all except the forefinger and the thumb. On the other hand, the FivePoint $64  gloves has been made to provide complete coverage by using a very special capactitavie material on to the area of the fingertips which gives the user a comfortable experience of using the iOS in extreme temperatures also. These gloves are greatly made out of soft wool so that no scratches are emerged on the iPad or iPhone’s screen.

iFixit: Until the reign of Steve Jobs in Apple Inc. the practice of eliminating screws and bolts from devices was very common. he deeply believed that to hide the inside from the outside world and then creating a sense of magic about them is the real success. In this agreement, the program of iFixit which is worth $30 has been developed. This is basically an iPhone 4S Transparent Rear Glass Panel and is used to easily replace the back portion of the phone so as to give it a pretty look. Furthermore, the entire package is offered with a ‘liberation kit’ which consists of tools so as to extract out the original rear panel of the phone set along with the provision of a cloth for the purpose of drying up wet sets as well as a film protector for the large screen of the iPhones.

Insanely Great Products: This is a new iOS related accessory and has been launched with the main focus on US-based manufactured iPhone mounting programs. These brands are inclusive of Norm $35, Willy$20 which is a device for desktops and Jack $10. Moreover, if you are using a hand-free iPhone than the Clip & Go $15 will be of great help.

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