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The Votes Are In&#8230-

The votes are in, and in all of the reviews of Mac OS mobile iOS4 dominates the competition. With its intuitive design and state of the art apps it’s no wonder that almost every review of the operating system has it leading the way in style and form. Reviewers and reporters are all getting ready for next week’s launch of the iPhone 5 and many people are thinking that the fall release of iOS5 is just around the corner. With that in mind let’s have a look over the old reviews of mac-os and iOS4 and see just why this is one of the best operating systems around.

The iOS4 operating system is one of the most intuitive around and the easiest to use by far. While this may have something to do with over 1 million people around the world owning an iPhone, it is also because Apple knows how to make things easy for people. The buttons are big and obvious for everyone- the phone means phone, the date is the calendar, and the sun is the weather. But these standard apps also have their names under them in case some people don’t know what the images mean (mom and dad I’m looking at you).

You can also customise iOS4 on your iPhone to work any way you want it to. You can increase the screen size and reverse the colouring, you can set it to vibrate rather than ring, you can change the language and the time and date settings, and you can have multiple keyboards so you can be texting to one person in English and e-mailing to another in German.

The iOS4 is almost one of the most stylish designs around with the great multitasking and folders feature. Multitasking allows you to keep control of everything happening on your device without losing your spot. You can be playing a game when you get a text, and one hit of the home button will bring up all the apps that are currently in use so you can easily switch to the messenger app. When you’re done the game will be just as you left it. Another great is the folders addition which hasn’t received a lot of praise in the mac-os iOS4 reviews but it is still pretty good. We know that you can move an app around by pressing on the app until it starts to shake, but now you can merge this app with another and that creates a folder. Your device will find a common trend in the apps that you’re merging and will even name the folder for you. This way you can have access to all of your social networking apps or your games on the same screen by putting them into a folder.

While iOS 4 was originally released in July 2010 Apple are still updating this version with new security features, fixing bugs in FaceTime and safari as well as updated parental controls. To see if you can update to iOS4 just plug your phone or device into the computer with your iTunes and it will let you know. The update might take a while if you haven’t updated in a while.

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