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The Top Shows In The iTunes TV Store

The Top Shows In The iTunes TV Store

The iTunes store is a great place for finding new and interesting music as well as updating your album collection or downloading a new song from your favourite band, but it is also the place to be when you want to watch TV. TV shows are no longer tied down to the TV sets with many people watching the newest episode on the go. Many people all around the world are working two jobs to make ends meet and they don’t have the time to watch TV when they get home at night, but they do have the time on the commute to work or in their lunch break. Downloading episodes on your mobile device also means that they will be available everywhere thanks to iCloud. When you hear about a new series at work you can download it and it will be ready for you on your large screen iMac or to play through your compatible Apple TV box set.

Buying or renting a TV series through the iTunes store is completely legal and some (but few) companies use these download towards their viewership. There are hundreds of series on the iTunes store, so let’s have a look at the most popular.

The hit HBO series True Blood comes in at the number 1 spot with the season 4 set. The most recent season has been a hit with viewers all over the world with the romance plot heating up and more character secrets are revealed. Season three ended with Sookie being taken to the fairy realm and season four picks up here with the viewers learning more about Sookie’s fairy blood and what it can do. The season pass gives holders access to all past and future episodes in this season and it can be bought at any time. If the season has already started all episodes will be downloaded and future episodes will download as soon as they are released.

Based off of Christos Tsiolka’s bestselling novel of the same name, The Slap is an eight part miniseries that discusses life, love, and parenting issues in the modern century. At a neighbourhood barbeque a young boy is slapped by a man who is not his father. What results is a neighbourhood torn apart with friendships breaking apart due to people taking opposing sides of the debate or refusing to partake at all. This interesting series has only begun in Australia with the first two episodes available on iTunes at the time of writing. With a season pass available, you can have these episodes downloaded plus the other six automatically on all of your mac devices as soon as they come out. With the season pass viewers are also given extra behind the scenes clips not available any other way.

Season two of the hilarious British comedy series The Inbetweeners is the third best-selling TV series on iTunes. Following the boys through their final year at school, they each experience different adventures that culminate in the exam in the final episode. The Inbetweeners is such a great series that it has been turned into a movie which follows the main characters as they take a trip together before they embark on university life. Now is the time to relive the comedy or to see it for the first time before you see it on the big screen. You won’t be disappointed, and season one is also available for those who need to catch up.

With season four of the award-winning series Breaking Bad having ending this past Sunday, it’s only fitting to see season one in the number four spot. This author believes that the insistence of Breaking Bad fans to get their family and friends to watch the series has paid off with the result of people logging on the download to see what the fuss is about. Walter White is a high school chemistry teacher with cancer who will do anything to protect his family and keep them safe after he’s gone. Although he works two jobs he is barely able to keep up the with finances as it is, when a chance ride along with his DEA agent brother in law sparks an interesting series of events. All seasons of Breaking Bad are available at the iTunes store with no waiting.

Log on today and see the series that everyone is talking about.

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