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The Top Apps Of The Week—iPhone

The Top Apps Of The Week—iPhone

That’s right folks; it’s that time again where we look through the bestselling and the best grossing apps from the iTunes store. It’s amazing how time flies, and it’s even more amazing to see the new additions to the list. While some of the games may look familiar you will see that the order is different with new games making their first additions to the list and moving older ones further down the list, or popping them off completely. Another thing you’ll see is that most of the games now end in ‘HD’ or high definition. This is no doubt due to the increasing sales of the iPhone 4S around the world; the newest mac mobile device to come with a duel core processor. This means that the graphics interface on the iPhone 4S is a lot better than the ones on the older iPhone models, and owners are taking advantage of this by buying the games that can now keep up with the faster processing speeds.

Taking out first place this week is the newest offering from the team that brought us Jetpack Joyride; Fruit Ninja: Puss in Boots. The star of the Shrek franchise has finally been given his own movie which is going to be released soon around the world and what better way to celebrate than with a specialty game. Similar to the Fruit Ninja game play that we all know and love, this game has many different levels and features not seen on the original version. This game also sees you fighting against the most requested Fruit Ninja feature: the tomato. A lot of comments state that these updates could have been incorporated into the original, and they may at some point, but at .99 it’s a bargain.

The second offering is the wonderfully productive and helpful communication app called WhatsApp Messenger. Many people assumed this app would fall by the wayside with the iOS 5 update that gave users a similar feature already built into their devices, but this app continues to claim a top spot with its easy to use interface, broad range of features, and its ability to help you to stay in contact with people who have different phones not just an iPhone or a smart phone either. While it can only be used on a device with cellular access (i.e. cannot be used on the iPod or iPad), this is the best way to stay in contact without breaking the bank. Send hundreds of texts per month and only pay for data charges, not cell phone bills. Because data is free in a lot of areas and is quite cheap everywhere else you’ll find that this app will save you money rather than result in you spending more of it.

Next up is the classic and indeed cult favourite Angry Birds, only this time in high definition. If you’ve never bought Angry Birds now’s your chance with so many new updates released in this newest version. As well as tweaks with the game play and a little fine tuning here and there, this app now comes with more levels as well as a side story so you’ll never be without a pig to smash. You can also call on the mighty eagle who will wipe away your hardest opponents; but only once per hour so be careful when you use him.

Not everyone has made the upgrade to the iPhone 4S, which is why apps like Camera+ are still not only top rated but also continue to be downloaded. The inbuilt camera feature on the iPhone 4S allows users to do some simple editing with their images but this feature is not available to those with older phones. Enter Camera+, the best app around to help you to not only take great photos with your phone but to edit them on the spot. You no longer have to wait until you plug your mac mobile device into a computer to work your magic on your pictures; you can do it right now. This app gives you full control over your images including changing the exposure and the focus independently from one another as well as adding borders and changing the colours. You can also more easily share and upload your works of art.

At the time of writing each of these apps only cost .99 each, but the price may rise and will vary from country to country.

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