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The Three Mac Accessories That You Need To Buy Right Now

Apple is all about making life easy for people. They pioneered the graphical user interface and the mouse so that people didn’t have to type everything they wanted to do into a computer, they released the iPod so we could listen to our musical digitally, and they created computers and monitors in one so we cut the junk out from under our desks. But they have also created some really great accessories that you need to look at. These are fun, innovative, and just plain great to use. These aren’t just accessories that you need, they are the ones that you need right now.

–         Magic Trackpad

As the Apple website says, why to laptops have all the fun? Combining the ease of use of a trackpad with the touch screen features of the iconic iPhone, the magic trackpad for mac desktop computers has once again revolutionised the way we think of computing. The magic trackpad is like a cross between a mouse and a touch screen. Move one finger around on the track pad and you’ll see the curser on the screen move. Hover it over an app that you want to open and tap with one finger, and just like that the app will open. But you can do more with the magic track pad like pinching to zoom and swiping.

–         Magic Mouse

There are some of us out there who don’t like the track pad and would prefer the use of a mouse. For these people, Apple have released the Magic Mouse- an accessory similar to the magic track pad but more&#8230- mousey. The magic mouse is shaped like a mouse so you have the ergonomic design and the same feeling as you are used to, but the entire surface is a touch pad. As with the magic trackpad you can swipe, scroll, and zoom your way around.

Interruption: do you need both the trackpad and the mouse?

As mentioned previously, many people prefer the feel and use of a mouse to a trackpad so these people will be more likely to buy the magic mouse. The trackpad is a lot bigger and may be more ergonomic in relation to the angle of the wrist. However, some people dislike dragging and dropping with the trackpad, and many designers and artists prefer using the mouse when creating and editing movies and pictures.

–         Time Capsule

The last Apple accessory you need to buy right now is Tine Capsule. Yes, this has been out for a while but it seems that not a lot of people use it and even fewer are aware of the benefits of owning one. The main benefit is that it will wirelessly sync with Time Machine on your mac allowing you to keep a back up of your entire mac without having to worry about losing space. The way Time Machine works is that it only saves the changes to things, but if you have a lot of stuff on your computer the initial back up can take up a lot of space. Time Capsule can also be used as a wireless router or modem for your internet so you can set this up in one room and after you connect it all up accordingly you will have wireless file sharing and internet in every room of your house.

So go out now or open up a new tab and order these three today. You won’t be disappointed.

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