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The Search for an iPad RSS Reader

The Search for an iPad RSS Reader

Being a massive fan of Reeder for iPhone I was slightly disappointed to realise the Reeder app for iPad hadn’t yet been submitted to the store. (Although the developer is hoping to submit version 1 by the end of May).

On the search for a nice, usable reader for iPad I first stumbled on the Early Edition app. I love the look of The Early edition but without Google Reader integration (the update should appear on the store any day) it wasn’t going to be practical given I subscribe to over 300 feeds.

With Reeder possibly weeks away and no clue what it will actually be like I reverted to my former favourite NetNewsWire.

Firstly at ?5.99 it really isn’t cheap. I use NetNewsWire for my desktop reading needs so felt the iPad application would be suitable mobile reader.

In actual fact the NetNewsWire iPad application is pretty basic with the only settings being your Google reader details and Instapaper account details.

You can’t delete feeds and there isn’t any caching of news for reading offline.

if you are looking for a quick newsreader with instapaper support and a nice user interface NetNewsWire works well at a premium prize.

My latest find is “NewsRack“. NewsRack is half the price with more then twice the features. You can sync your feeds directly with Google Reader with the full ability to manager feeds from the app.

You can control the number of items that are cached and you have full image download control with sharing over a range of services. NewsRack even allows you to remove options from the sharing menu that you don’t want to use!

Adding a feed to NewsRack is really easy and there are a number of pre-defined feeds available to chose from.

If I had a negative at all for NewsRack it would be the application icon and that as you can see is a little on the picky side.

Interestingly both apps crashed when I tried to view one particular article (main http page) within the app but over the course of two days both apps worked pretty well.

In a way I prefer the interface of NetNewsWire but the features of news rack make it my key news reading app.

?9 later and I have found a comprehensive full featured RSS reader in the form of NewsRack. Like most mobile apps I won’t be deleting NetNewsWire in a hurry I suspect there will be considerable updates in the months ahead. I would love to hear your opinion.

Rating for News Rack :



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