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The reason why Apple’s security is 10 years behing Microsoft’s

Mac lock. Apple securityEugene Kaspersky’s last week’s statement about how “OS X was at least 10 years behind Microsoft in terms of security” has set off big waves in the Apple world.
Since Kaspersky’s bold statement was made there’s been a lot of arguments about whether what he said was true, or whether he was just trying to exalt the name of his company. What if Kaspersky was right though? Maybe,Apple should really learn from Microsoft and involve the third-party antivirus company in order to provide for the proper OS X security measures?

Paul Wagenseil made an interesting point that it is absolutely possible that Apple may be ten years behind Microsoft when it comes to security.And that might be true, not because OS X system has more holes in it than Windows, but simply because Apple insists on fixing all OS X’s vulnerabilities itself. Instead of trying to be the Jack of All trades, Apple should follow in Microsoft’s footsteps and give the most of their security into the hands of the third-party antivirus industry, according to Wagenseil.

“Microsoft has improved their security massively since 2002,”

Hypponen said.

“Today, they are a good model for efficient security process in many ways.”

Microsoft got to that point by essentially outsourcing Windows security. The entire anti-virus industry, with sales of several billion dollars per year, is built on defeating malware that targets Windows.
The existence of that industry frees up Microsoft to work on patching its Windows, which it does extensively every month. Microsoft’s open model lets major Windows software makers such as Adobe or Oracle do the same without Microsoft’s approval.
Apple, on the other hand, disdains third-party anti-virus software for Macs — though it does exist — and insists on patching certain pieces of third-party software itself.”

Concerning the latter point,Apple has shown some signs of rethinking their antivirus strategy. For instance, Oracle will now manage updates to Java for Mac.

Despite that,Apple is still fairly slow when it comes to patching vulnerabilities in its operating system. It took them quite some time to deal with Flashback – the most recent OS X malware that infected over 600,000 Macs. In the past, Apple has taken months to fix different OS X security issues.

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