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The Radius Case For iPhone 5 That's Un-Noticeable

The Radius Case For iPhone 5 That's Un-Noticeable @ CES 2013

When you place a big case on your iPhone, you always kinda think “OK, well its protected but it takes away that feel of an iPhone”.

The along comes something like the Radius, a new iPhone case that’s been developed and designed by a company called Mod-3.  The Radius case is so thin and minimal that you will hardly notice it when placed around your iPhone 5.

Although the project is currently looking for investors on Kickstarter, the Radius is quite possibly the simplest and the thinnest case that we have ever seen and is designed to apply a good amount of protection to your device, without compromising that sleek feel of it.

The case barely extends beyond the volume of the phone and it only weighs roughly 4.4 grams.  Its made from aircraft-grade aluminum and the four corners are fitted together with an x-shaped frame.  The corner pieces are chamfered and match the iPhone 5’s aluminum bezel and prevent your screen from being scratched upon placing you phone upside down on purpose or by accident.

The case will come in 4 different colors, Polished Aluminum, Anodized Red, Anodized Cyan and one other to be announced.  It will go into full production when its Kickstarter project fund reaches the required 25,000 goal, of which it has already amassed nearly $19,000 at the time of writing.

There have been lots of iDevice cases featured this year at CES with investors using it as a platform to show off their new (and sometimes as we see here, unfunded projects) and we hope to see many more during the rest of CES 2013.

Want to help fund the Radius Project?  You can can click HERE. For more CES 2013 coverage be sure to check out our CES Hub and if you see anything you want to us to cover please let us know via Twitter @MacReviews

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