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The New War of the Operating Systems

The first that will suffer this possible new policy of Microsoft will be their partners. With the evidence of which their technological partners often have until now not given to him but who worries, the hand signs and possibly much more restrictive in hardware questions it will make that many fabicantes OEM and developer must, necessarily, recycle itself at a much more high level and within a picture of specifications much more limited.

Many developers will disappear: there will only be the strongest ones and those who trust their products because they are microstandard de facto in the different tasks that can be the need of the user.

Another one of the advantages that Microsoft with this possible change will have is the possibility of an ample movement of opening to the open standards that is the present tendency of the industry. A unique language for all. Although Microsoft is known to create its own interpretations of the standards, often this interpretation is motivated by the problems of backwardness with previous systems, imbued applications, systems, etc…

The adoption of standards open along with a Linux nucleus (interpreted to its way) will also allow that many Open Source applications can be carried out directly to this new operating system, allowing a greater variety of gratuitous products for the new operating system.

Its platform of hardware and software will be much more compact and less inclined to failures (similar to the one of Apple).

The Position of Apple against These Movements

From the launching of Mac OS X, Apple has been working intensely in introducing itself especially in the enterprise market with different solutions from hardware and software, specializing in the creative market and extraordinarily delimiting the limits of its reach, advancing slowly and locating resistance pylons to avoid stake suddenly and to lose, as it happened to him with the market of the graphical arts, the control of the market that is monopolizing.

Apple works in two points that are quite clear if one raises the view and watches the things with a dispassionate perspective. First it is Mac OS X. Its operating system is now “the envy” of the industry by its quality and benefits. It has the best thing of both worlds (Linux and a layer of proprietary handling and ease of use, plus all the killer apps of third parties) that have done that many users and users not of on foot, but technological analysts, considers thin as an option viable and with many less worries than its present dependency of Windows.

Nevertheless, with Mac OS X Leopard, Steve Jobs in the WWDC gave the first track of the intentions of Microsoft: it was not arranged to show the characteristic keys of the new version. Not characteristic them for the user, but the technological incorporations of first row including in the basic layers but of the system. They cannot give tracks to Microsoft, because they know (or they intuit) that one is possibly working in something new… and cannot let eat the land.

The competition now is ferocious. So ferocious that the agreement between Microsoft and Apple to assure key applications Microsoft only lasts 5 years, which is a technological triviality and guarantees at the most, one more a version of Office… and finished.

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