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The New iPad (iPad 3) Review

The iPad 3 Review

So with the new iPad being released to the public today we thought that this would be the perfect time to release our review of the iPad 3.

iPad 3 Display

If you have heard of the new iPad then you have most likely heard of the absolutely stunning retina display which comes in the new iPad. The new retina display crams in an astonishing 3.1 million pixels at 264ppi and also holds a resolution of 2048×1536 all of this just makes the 9.7-inch display magical. Most of you are thinking that it will not be much different from the iPad 2 display but when placed side by side you can see the difference in the rendering of websites , pictures and documents. This is a feature which will instantly change your mind about the iPad 3 for the good.

iPad 3 Camera

Apple are really pushing the imporved camera on the new iPad. The new iPad comes with an amazing f2.4 aperture which is ported over from the current generation iPhone. You can capture amazing video from the new iPad with the ability to record 1080p  , 30fps one problem I come across when taking video with the new iPad is that holding the iPad and trying to tap to focus can become a bit of a pain. As I explained in my earlier article Apple stuck with the standard VGA camera for the front facing camera which I believe was a wrong move as this would of benefited the most from a upgrade as the majority use it for facetime / video calls.

iPad 3 Battery

With all the extra power needed by all the new features you would imagine that the battery life would be decreased. We from our experience we have found that the battery life is not effected by the new features and this is because Apple have packed a 11,560mAh battery inside which is very close to double the size of the battery in the iPad 2. One downside to the new battery is the charging time , It is said to take around 50% more time than the iPad 2 to do a complete charge.

iPad 3 4g LTE

We have not had experience with the 4g LTE capabilities as we are based in the UK.

iPad 3 Performance

The new iPad is one powerful piece of technology and is powered by an improved dual-core A5x processor with quad-core GPU. It is extremely hard to see a difference in scrolling and zooming as it was perfect in the iPad 2. The quad core graphics does impress when you open / play certain games for example Infinity Blade.

iPad 3 Overall Thoughts

We believe that the iPad 3 is not a must have update for users who have the iPad 2 but will improve the iPad experience for 1st generation iPad users. Apple did seam to take a step backwards with the design as they has to make it thicker and heavier but when using the new iPad for the first time you will not relies any of these design changes. Believe us the retina display will blow your mind as long as developers update their apps.

Have fun and Good luck with getting your hands on a iPad

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