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The Most Expensive Apps At The iTunes App Store

The Most Expensive Apps At The iTunes App Store

You thought the price of living was bad enough as it is, but wait until you see how much these apps are costing. In the world of free apps it might seem odd that anyone would actually pay for an app for their mobile device, but these are all unique and worthy programs that have been created to help people. Here are the top six most expensive apps at the iTunes store that this author could find. Note that costs and availability will differ from country to country and there might be some more expensive apps around that this author has yet to find.

6th– Burton’s Legal Thesaurus $41.99

For lawyers and lawyers-in-training alike, this app will help you to understand the large vocabulary that is legal jargon. Law students love this app because it helps them to understand the different terms mentioned in class, and lawyers also love it because it helps them to keep up to date with new findings and case results that enter into the law vocabulary. This is also a good app for people who are unfortunate enough to need a lawyer for a case as well as people who are signing contracts or leases. This app will help you to understand the different terms spoken and written so you can be 100% aware of things that you are agreeing to and signing.

5th– Autism Scheduler $51.99

One of the best things to come out of the iPhone’s and iPad’s is their ability to open up the boarders of communication and language. For people who on the Autism Spectrum schedules are the mainstays of life, and when they are broken or not adhered to they have trouble understanding why and often can get very angry. However, some people on the Spectrum dislike doing things that they perceive as ‘mundane’ and thus they tend to forget to do these. This Autism Scheduler app gives parents and guardians a colourful and exciting way of creating and updating schedules for people on the Spectrum. From school schedules to reminders for how to dress one’s self, this is a great app.

4th– Oxford Deluxe (OED & OTE) $59.99

A different version to the Macquarie Australian Dictionary mentioned above, the Oxford Deluxe dictionary can help you to spell words in the different forms of English (UK, US, etc). Using predictive text functions it will help to narrow down the word that you’re looking for even if you’re not spelling it correctly. One of the best things about this app and one of the reasons why the cost is so high is that it is also a thesaurus.

3rd– TomTom New Zealand $74.99

This is a great navigation app for citizens and vacationers to this wonderful country. Easy to use and easy to understand, you won’t get lost when you listen to this app. There are two main reasons why this app is so popular; firstly users can customise a journey by adding in up to five stops along the way. With this app you can select a main destination (like a new restaurant) and then add in two detours along to way (to a friend’s house and then to the gas station).

2nd– Op Dari $139.99

Designed to help members of the military stationed in Afghanistan, Op Dari is an app that helps to bridge the language gap between English and Dari speakers. Not only does this app help users to identify what people are saying but it is also a great teaching app and will assist everybody who has it to learn Dari.

1st– Proloquo2Go $199.99

This is the number one communication assistance app at the app store right now for many reasons. This app helps people with communication and speech impairments to talk with and to listen with other people. The big and colourful buttons are clearly marked with easy to understand images so everyone knows what’s going on. The app can be customised so users can create their own buttons such as “hi my name is Kate” or additions to existing ones. This is a great app for people who are on the Autism Spectrum as well as people who are mute or who suffer from other mental deficiencies.

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