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The Main Differences Between PC and a Mac

Macs have been in the news a lot lately with the announcement of the iPhone 4S and then Steve Jobs’ unfortunately passing, but they have been news worthy for many years before now and they will continue to be so thanks to their ground breaking designs and world renowned software. This article is here to show you the main differences between a PC and a mac but to also quash some rumours and to explain how the same functions can occur on each of the two machines.

The first difference you will notice between a PC desktop and a mac desktop is the task bar- it’s not there on the mac. Well, it is but in a different way. Mac have changed the task bar and made it more fluid and called it the dock. The doc holds all of the apps that are most often used as well as open apps and the documents folder, the apps folder, the downloads folder, and the trash bin. Instead of the start menu at the side of the screen macs have a menu bar along the top of the screen that has all of the menu information for whatever is running. For example, when no apps are being used the menu holds information about the computer, but if you run Safari it will change to show you the Safari options. Open mail and the same thing will happen.

The dock can be customised like the task bar can be. Simply drag and drop an app, folder, or file to the dock and it will slot in. If you no longer need or want it there drag and drop it to the desktop background and it will explode in a puff of dust. But this isn’t the app exploding- just the shortcut.

Another different you will find between an app on a mac and a program in windows is that the three main control buttons—minimise, maximise, and close—are on the other side of the window. On a mac the red circle means close, the green one means to maximise, and the yellow one means to minimise. However, when you close an app that can continue running in the background clicking the red button won’t stop it running. When you have read all of your new e-mails clicking the red button will get rid of the mail app but you will notice that the mail menu bar is still at the top of the screen. You can open and use other apps and mail will still be running in the background. If you don’t want this to happen you will have to click the apps name in the menu bar and click ‘quit’.

One of the main differences between a mac and a PC is the lack of a right-click button on the mouse. Some people on both sides of the fence refuse to use the other computer system because they don’t know how to use it with/without the right click option. However, some mac mice come with a second button and right clicking on something will launch its secondary commands. Otherwise, holding down the command button while clicking will bring up this menu.

I hope this article has shown you the main differences between the two systems.

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