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The Mac Widgets

Defining widgets, it can be said that they are small applications which has the ability to perform tasks that are otherwise performed by going on to several different web pages created for this purpose. For instance, if you want to know about the weather condition, instead of opening up the Safari browser and then opening the meteorological website, the user can easily gain access to weather widget at a single click of the mouse.

When talking about these widgets specifically in association with Mac operating systems, they do not turn out to be regular widgets. Rather, they are shown in the dashboard area. Whenever, the user opens the dashboard, the brightness of the screen gets faded away and all the widgets that are installed in the system are zoomed in on the screen of the system. In order to open the application, simply click on the icon placed on the dock. By clicking on it all the widgets placed in the dashboard will appear.

Since, widgets are small applications- the reason of using them is to perform smaller tasks and to display data. Moreover, these applications are designed in the similar manner as is used to create websites  which makes it an easy job for the website developer have widgets which displays all the data from related websites.

In a Mac operating system, if you see at the bottom left-corner of the dashboard, a plus button is appeared. When you click on it, another bar is displayed out which holds out al the widgets that are installed on the system. All you have to do is to drag the widget which is required from the dashboard to the menu bar.

In case you want to hide a widget, hold the alt key and place the cursor on the required widget. A cross symbolic key will appear on the top left of that widget. Click on that button and the widget is hidden. If you want to re-appear the widget again, simply click on the plus button placed on the left hand-side.

Mac operating system also has the feature of configuring the settings of any widget as many widgets have separate settings in order to work efficiently. Simply place the cursor over the widget and an ‘I’ symbol will appear. Click on the symbol will open up a screen containing the settings of the widget. Configure it as per your requirements and press the ‘Esc’ button to clear off the widgets screen.

Mc related widgets can be downloaded from various sites on the web and the official website of the Mac is a great referral in this regard. Moreover, the downloading of these widgets does not require to be done manually. Simply click on the download button and the process will start automatically after which it will prompt to get it installed onto the system.

In case, you want to remove or uninstall a widget, another application must be used named as ‘Widgets” which have the option of removing others only by pressing the symbol of minus at the name of the widget.

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