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The Mac Apps You Need On Your iPad For College

The Mac Apps You Need On Your iPad For College

College is a wonderful time in your life, full of endless learning and endless wonder. However, you might be thinking that it’s the time or endless parties or lectures that never end in which case you need to take a look at these apps. These Mac apps have been chosen to help you to get the most out of your college experience.

The typical college student is taking five classes a semester as well as working part time and is a member of some sort of group like the theatre department, a sporting club, or debate. This means that you have a lot of things to do and not a lot of time to do them. That’s why the first Mac app that you need on your iPad is your calendar. On the first day of every class you will be given your course outline that will have the date and time of every exam, paper, essay, report, speech, or lab that’s due for the whole semester. As soon as you get this you can put the data into your iPad calendar and set alters to help you along the way. With the alerts you can set them to remind you when you should have a draft due and when you should be done with the research and onto the writing. Make sure you have an alert for when it’s due so you don’t forget to hand it in.

The iPad 2 calendar feature allows you to set different events in different colours so you won’t get confused when things are due. Set each class in a different colour along with your work and your teams practice. When you look at the month view you will see an array of colours waiting to be completed. You can also look at the calendar in a week view or even a day view to keep track of what you’re doing every minute.

The calendar can be synced to work with your iPhone and computer as well as other calendar programs from Microsoft Outlook and even Google.

Now you know when everything is due, you should start paying attention in class and taking some notes. With the large on screen keyboard and notes function you can be typing away in class without ever having to lift a pen. You can even e-mail notes to yourself or to classmates so that you’re all on the same page. But to get the most out of your iPad at college you should download the Pages app. This is the same as the Pages you will find on your Mac book only it’s on your iPad. You can do everything that you can do on a computer or laptop from creating new reports to taking notes and you can even print it off with Air Print. With Pages on your iPad you can transfer your class notes into an outline all without having to change devices. You can make typing easier with a blue tooth keyboard so you have the whole 9.7 inches of screen to see what you’re typing and the new Smart Cover that can fold into a stand.

Now that you don’t have to be weighed down with a heavy laptop or heavy notebooks you should also consider ditching the text books too. No, this doesn’t mean throwing them our or not buying them in the first place, but it means saving some trees and saving yourself some space by downloading the books into iBooks rather than carrying around heavy tomes. The iBooks app is like having your entire book shelf and your favourite book store with you at all times. With thousands of books available you can find your required text and have it on your pad before you even leave the class room, no more waiting around in long lines at the campus book store! iBooks also holds all PDF documents.

No matter what you’re studying in school, there’s an app for that. Math Board helps you to work your sums visually as well as helping you get back to basics with high school-level quizzes, and Symphony Pro allows you to write and to play back music for hundreds of different instruments.

You will find that many of these apps already come with the iPad and this is because Apple knows that everyone is busy and there’s no point in making a device that doesn’t help out every now and then. For during college and even after you will find that these Mac helps will help you.

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