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The Mac Accessories That You Need

This is the article to read if you are thinking about buying your first mac or you have been using one for years. Apple has a history of doing things that make computing easier for everyone, and this is the same with the actual computers as it is for the accessories. Just like the app store is being restocked with new apps every day, the number of awesome Apple accessories is also increasing. Here are just a few of the mac hardware accessories that you need:

1-     Magic Mouse

No, this isn’t Mickey Mouse but the magic mouse for your notebook or mac desktop. A little larger than a normal mouse, this is magic because the entire surface is a track pad. Taking what people love about the iPad and the iPod touch, Apple has created this new mouse to do everything that your old one did plus more! There aren’t any buttons, but clicking on the upper right of the mouse will activate the normal right-click functionality—this can be changed for left hander people more easily than with a regular mouse. Scrolling is easier- you just slide one finger up or down the mouse and it will scroll through your document or web page. Swiping two fingers horizontally across the mouse will allow you to change quickly between the different songs in iTunes, different tabs in Safari, or different photos in Photo Stream. All of the usual mouse functionality still remains like simple movements around so you can click on different things on the screen. The magic mouse is blue tooth wireless so you’re not stuck at your desk but free to roam around your bedroom or office.

2-     Magic Trackpad

This is one for people who are more used to using their iPad’s then their desktop macs- a trackpad for every computer that you’re on. Like it says on the site ‘Why should notebooks have all the fun?’ and now you can have a multi touch track pad for whatever device you’re using. Scrolling and moving around your screen just got easier. Like the trackpad on your mac book, sliding two fingers up and down will let you scroll up and down the page that you’re on. But that’s not all- you can double tap or pinch to zoom in on something and swiping three fingers horizontally will let you swap from screen to screen or window to window depending on what app you’re using.

3-     Foldable Keyboard

The HiPPiH iEagle Foldable Wireless Keyboard is the perfect accessory for those who are always on the go. The same size as a normal keyboard, this baby folds in the middle for easy storage and is the perfect size to slip into your brief case or purse when you’re out and about. It’s the perfect accessory for people who use their iPad’s for business but who don’t like tying on the onscreen keyboard. This product comes with a stand for your iPod, iPhone, or iPad so you can display any of these like the screen of a computer and do your typing no matter where you are. A non-foldable wireless keyboard is also available through Apple as well as a wired alpha-numeric keyboard.

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