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The iPhone vs. iPod Touch – Which Is a Better Option?

The iPhone as well as the iPod touch are said to be similar devices. As a matter of fact, some people have explained the iPod touch as simply an iPhone without a connection of mobile device.  Now, the question is, if both the devices are the same, than which one is the better option for money? In order to reach a properly researched decision, make us of the below mentioned guidelines which will help you making an informed decision.


both the Apple products, iPod touch and the iPhone offers connectivity of Wi-Fi technology but, the point which distinct an iPhone with the iPod touch is the offer of a wireless signal via the carrier of a cell phone. It is obvious, that in order to avail the services of a carrier, a monthly fee must be paid and in areas of spotty coverage issues, 3G coverage is close to being non-existent. Moreover, depending on for what purpose the device has been taken, the user might require to pay for the phone because of its ever-on connection ability. Furthermore, location driven apps are greatly relied on the Internet along with various other applications which requires a server in order to communicate. Since, all these applications operate via Wi-Fi, any place where there is no carrier coverage will make you unable to use the app effectively.

Applications and Media

After getting connected to a Wi-Fi connection, the iPod touch can perform all the functions which are made part of the iPhone as well. FaceTime has been recently added in the latest version of the iPod touch which provides the facility to the user to make a video conference with any other user of the FaceTime application with the help of the front facing camera. Moreover, both iPod touch and iPhones has the ability to access media and applications from both Apps Store and the iTunes Store.

Pricing Point of View

The starting range of the iPhones having a memory capacity of 16 GB is $199 along with the service of a mobile contract. An iPod touch, on the other hand, of a memory capacity of up to 8 GB costs $229 which is the cheapest in the product line. It should be noted here, that if an iPhone is purchased without a mobile contract, the price range of the iPhones will increase immensely and will reach to a point of $649 and higher. The iPhone represents a great saving structure in terms of the storage space provided- the device will also be costly due to the required mobile contract. Another important factor that should be mentioned is that in case, a user cancels the contract- the cancellation fees will also cost several hundred dollars. Similar is the case in the account of breaching of the mobile contract.

When the question is of selecting a superior device, both the iPod touch and iPhones are great options. For those users, who reside in areas where the cell phone coverage is not strong from AT&amp-T or Verizon, the iPod touch can be a suitable option. City dwellers will prefer the iPhones as it allows them to reduce the carrying hassle of another device while also offering an ever-on connection to the Internet world.

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