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The iPhone 5 , The Most Redisigned iPhone ?

The iPhone 5 , The Most Redesigned iPhone ?

We had heard the rumors seen the mock ups and now we have seen the actual iPhone 5 itself after it was revealed at the September 12th keynote.

A lot of people were extremely keen to express there first impressions about the iPhone 5 with out actually getting hands on with the device. A vast amount of people were simply asking what is the difference apart from the oblivious difference in size and I can see were they are coming from but if you think a little deeper and in a lot more detail you will soon realise the difference , amount of work and also the improvements which have gone in to the creating the astonishing piece of technology known as the iPhone 5.

Apple was losing a considerable amount of sales on the iPhone due to people choosing other devices due to the bigger screen size  and this is the main reason that Apple decided to change the iPhone 5’s screen size to 4″;. The problem with the iPhone 5 is how do you manage to include all the features of the iPhone 4s plus more and  more it lighter and thinner. This was the first of many problems the engineers at Apple had to solve , How to include a bigger screen but make the device thinner ? They solved the problem by integrating the touch sensors in to the display panel of the iPhone 5 its self instead of adding a layer on top this allows for a sharper image , 44% more color saturation and also 30% thinner display then the iPhone 4s.

Regarding the thickness of the iPhone 5 this is not just as simple as it sounds , Phil Schiller said on Wednesdays keynote that Apple started with a blank canvas when designing the iPhone 5 and this makes total sense as it appears they have not left anything unchanged but none of the changes are revolutionary. The iPhone has had a full reshuffle internally and it is thinner , faster , has more battery life , 2 x powerful and includes improvements to the camera. The speeds you should be able to receive with the LTE chip in the iPhone is a showcase of today’s mobile technology. For example most 4G speeds are double if not triple most peoples home broadband speed.

People will always have mixed thoughts when such an high profile company such as Apple release a new product.  Sometimes it is not the end product you need to look at to see how much work went in to it , it is the process of Apple come to the end product that is spectacular. Nobody can design and engineer the worlds thinnest smart phone in a few months and I am sure the moment people get their hands on the iPhone which some people are referring to as a piece of jewellery they will change their minds and relies why is going to be the best selling iPhone ever.

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