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The How Top Guide For Upgrading The RAM on Your MacBook Pro

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all know that RAM defines how your MAC performs. Get it to drink on some more Gigabytes of memory and you can see a sea of difference in its performance. So if you are trying to do the same, the steps mentioned below will help you upgrade the RAM in few easy steps.
• The first thing to do is to get the right kind of memory for your MacBook Pro. For this, go to ‘About This Mac’ section under the Apple Menu. The type of memory is listed here. Once you know the type, try to buy the maximum amount of RAM if possible.
• Now start the installing process. Get a small eyeglass sized Philips for removing the slots and screwing the RAM. Make sure that the Mac is powered off. Also ensure that the surroundings are dust free to avoid any sort of short circuit taking place.
• Now turn the Macbook Pro upside down and expose the battery. Take the battery out by pulling the sliders back. This will make the battery pop out a little.
• Now take out the battery and lift it to empty the compartment.
• Use the screwdriver to expose the memory compartment. Unscrew the 3 screws that keep it intact. Place these screws at a safe place so that you don’t lose them.
• Now, remove the RAM chip. This chip is held by few silver metal clips. Press these clips outward. Once they release, the Ram chip will pop out slightly. Slide it out with gentle pressure. If you find yourself to force this open, chances are its not properly unharnessed.
• Repeat the entire process with the second chip as well.
• Once both the chips have been taken out, insert the new memory chip in steps that are totally opposite to that of taking the chips out. You will have to align the chips with the slot angle and press them down gently.
• Once the chip has been accurately placed, screw the memory compartment back. Insert the battery pack and switch on the computer.
• Move on to the “About this Mac” section and ensure that the new memory is recognized by the Mac.
You are done now. Simply feel the new found vigour in your Macbook Pro.
There are a plenty of online shops that sell RAM. So do compare shopping and find the best deals for yourself.

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