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The Hidden Features Of iOS 5

By know we have all heard of the new features of iOS 5—iMessage, notification centre, photos from lock screen. But there are some other and really great updates in this OS that many people don’t know about. Hidden away in the settings and features of the phone and the apps, you will find some great ways to tweak iOS 5 so that your mac mobile device works exactly how you want it to. These may be fun, surprising, and downright helpful if you don’t like the way something runs in its standard version.

Once you’ve made the update on an iPhone or iPad you’ll notice that there is no longer an iPod app. This has changed to Music and Videos, a better way to navigate through your selections rather than having them in the one place. But what you might not have noticed is that you can now play songs, videos, or audio books while the device is syncing with iTunes so you’re never without entertainment. You can also make additional changes in Music or Videos such as deleting a song or video from the device. Long names will scroll when you’re playing the song and if you tap and hold on the song you can view all of its information.

As well as the ability to take a photo from the lock screen you can door more with the camera such as add a grid to the screen so you can get the best composition for the picture. You can also tap and hold to lock or unlock auto exposure and auto focus.

Calendar has also had its fair share of updates, most of which went unnoticed in many major reviews of iOS 5. You can drag and drop appointments to a new timeslot rather than having to go into the event and change it manually and you can drag the handles of the event to spread it out over a longer or shorter period of time. You also have the option of inviting people to the event. You can select a number of invitees by inputting their e-mail address or adding them from your contacts and once you do an e-mail will be sent to them. They can choose to accept or decline the invite this information will be shared on iCloud and everyone else invited will be able to see, and iOS 5 users will receive an alert when the event is near.

Speaking of the iCloud service, if an iOS 5 user also has an iCloud account they can share a calendar with friends, family, team members, and co-workers and subscribers have the ability to make changes to the calendar.

Last but not least, the Mail app also got a much needed update to improve functionality. Users now have the ability to swipe left and right when in the app to switch between their different e-mail account inboxes. This is very useful for people who have multiple e-mail accounts such as a work-only e-mail account and a personal account.

There are many more great features to the iOS 5 update, but some might be hidden so start searching around for more great things to do with your mac mobile device.

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