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The Finder with Special Powers

The Finder with Special Powers

If you want to improve something, then you need to change it. And you don’t have to make big changes- start with small ones, and larger things will follow.

This change could be about getting a new Finder. You might ask what a Finder is. It is a tool to manage your files. It is allocated by Mac. If you ever have to manage or organize your disks, apps or files, then you can go to the Finder.

So basically it’s for newbies and wimps, and it also has icons and columns- you need anything on your Mac, you’ll find it on the Finder.

You can love it or you can hate it, but it is the traditional file management tool and traces back to the last century Macs. It brings peace and restores order to all the files and folders including the desktop.

If you use the Finder on Mac, and you wish that it had some extra features or special powers, then your wish has just come true because this new Finder comes with added powers.

It is the Path Finder, and it is just everything that you wanted in the Finder. So it is the same old Mac Finder, but it has special powers now.

There are tabs in Path Finder, so you don’t have to open hundreds of Finder windows to copy and move folders and files from one place to another. Now you have tabs like Safari, and you can work on various folders all at once within the same window.

Plus it also has dual panes. The Path Finder has an absolutely easy way to copy, move and manage folders and files. If you like to customize your tools, you’ll be happy to find the customizable toolbar there.

Again, Path Finder is much more than Finder. You can convert your images, and copy or delete folders and files with a single click and use the color menu app of OS X, and even make prints right from that toolbar.

There is an app built into the Path Finder- Stuffit’s Expander engine, along with the provision to convert and create disk images.

You don’t have to work hard to start using the Path Finder because it works in a way similar to the Finder. There are many options in it that are not found on the standard Mac Finder. If you want more power and more tools with your Finder, then Path Finder is the best app for you.

Have you used the Path Finder? Send us your comments and let us know what you think about it.

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