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The Day The Internet Stud Still. Wikipedia , Reddit , Minecraft & Many More Shut Down For 24 Hours

Stop SOPA : Wikipedia , Reddit , Minecraft & Many More Shut Down For 24 Hours

January 18th will see a lot of websites blackout in protest of both SOPA and PIPA. The internet community has really come together to fight this bill getting passed. will also be joining the blackout to protest again SOPA & PIPA , This  means you will not be able to access our website and we will not publish any new content through out the day.

I think it is great how big companies and websites such as Wikipedia and Reddit will also be protesting and shutting down there servers. We have a list below of sites involved so far

001. reddit: Announcement Link
002. Cheezburger Network: Announcement Link
003. Mojango / Minecraft: Announcement Link 
004. XDA Developers: Announcement Link
005. Tucows: Announcement Link
006. Red5 Studios: Annoucement Link
007. Destructoid: Announcement Link
008. Droid Gamers Announcement  Link
009. Major League Gaming Network: Announcement Link
010. Sixgun Productions: Announcement Link
011. Genesis Chess: Announcement Link
012. I hate Vodafone Egypt: Announcement Link
013: AnonOps Communications: Announcement Link
014:  Announcement Link
015: Age of Coins: Announcement Link
016: CakeWrecks:  Announcement Link
017: Rage Maker:  Announcement Link
018: Sonic Retro:  Announcement Link
019: The Linux Forum:  Announcement Link
020: Talk Hosting:  Announcement Link
021: Fish On Dry Land:  Announcement Link
022: PoliticoINews:  Announcement Link
023: Singley Mackey:  Announcement Link
024: Theo Patt:  Announcement Link
025: Bitacora del Boterran:  Announcement Link
026: Boing Boing: Announcement Link
027: FalkVinge: Announcement Link (in the comments)
029: NBL Creations: Announcement Link
030: Sky Temple: Announcement Link
031: Game Generation: Announcement Link
032: Right Angle Recording: Announcement Link
033: Gaming Bus: Announcement Link
034: Harder Blogger Faster: Announcement Link
035: Colossal Mind: Announcement Link
036: Brent Anderson: Announcement Link
037: Working It Out: Announcement Link
038: Through the Eyes of  a Pirate: Announcement Link
039: Cynical Brit: Announcement Link
040: Platform Nation: Announcement Link
041: Kahn Labs: Announcement Link
042: Jamacast: Announcement Link
043: Crypto Cat: Announcement Link
044: Gamer’s Tube: Announcement Link
045: The Hippy Witch: Announcement Link
046: Boony’s ART: Announcement Link
047: Radio Clash: Announcement Link
049: Electronic Rumor: Announcement Link
050: Razer: Announcement Link
051: GKick Network: Announcement Link
052: Revolutionary Politics: Announcement Link
053: Android Inssomnia: Announcement Link
054: Team Royal: Announcement Link
055: Back That Elf Up: Announcement Link
056: Talking about Games: Announcement Link
057: Seek My Beat: via comment on this post
058: Metroid Reorchestrated: Announcement Link
059: Raspberry Pi: Announcement Link
060: Jorja Fox Online: Announcement Link
061: Wikipedia: Announcement Link
062: Poland is Awesome: via Comments
063: Ragequit Casual Gaming: via Comments
064: Site to Phone: Announcement Link
065: Tiny Mix Tapes: via Comments
066: OFFTEMPO: via Comments
067: REDEFINE Magazine: Announcement Link
068: Lightly Seared On The Reality Grill: Announcement Link
069: Pulpmovies: Announcement Link
070: TNSC: via Comments
071: Drako’s Website Services: via Comments
072: Graphicline: via Comments
073: Site5: Announcement Link
074: Penberthy Family, Inc: via Comments
075: Announcement Link
076: Labyrinth13: via Comments
077: LauncherPro Icons: Announcement Link
078: U News Blog: via Comments
079: MicroPatrol: via Comments
080: Peter G McDermott: via Comments
081: Beachfront B-Roll: via Comments
082: Ubuntu Cymraeg: Announcement Link
083: Awesome Taco: Announcement Link
084: Announcement Link
085: PNC-Minnesota Bureau: Announcement Link

Want to show you support contact your Senators and Representatives if you’re a U.S. citizen

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