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The Daily App Report : Pew Pew

Were going all retro today in the daily app report, and if you like retro shooters then pew pew is right up your street. The game is a multi-directional shoot’em up that’s similar to Geometry Wars.

You want enemies? Well you Got em, and were not just talking a few enemies here, were talking megatons of enemies  from all directions to keep you busy for hours.

There is no story to this game, instead the game features 5 interesting and intense game modes.

Pandemonium features exploding enemies, with some spinning in all directions and you can choose to either hide from the explosions or go through them.

Dodge is a box collection mode, but be careful, as the more boxes you collect, the more enemies appear and as goes the game… you have to dodge every single one of them.

Assault pitches you against waves and waves of enemies, and it keeps on going and going and going, with only one realistic outcome for you… 5 letters, 1 word (we will let you guess).

Chromatic Conflict is a color mode where you can only destroy the enemies that are the same color as your ship, and there are many colors of enemies.

Asteroids... lets just say your going to need the pilot skills of Luke Sky-walker!!

The game features a high frame rate giving great playable detail and has been designed very well, it features unlock-able ships, online replays, online leader-boards, great music and supports the amazing retina display.

If your a retro shooter fan then this app is a must have and the best news of all is that you can pick it up on the app store for free.
The game comes in only 1 language  English and is supported on iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad, with you requiring iOS 4.0 or higher to run the game on your chosen device.

Still not convinced? Check out our review of the app on the above YouTube video as we give it a thorough going over on the iPad Mini!

Thanks for reading and stay tuned tomorrow, as we take a look at the Dead Trigger Application for iPad and iPhone

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