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The Daily App Report : PCalc Lite

PCalc Lite is one of the best free calculator applications on the app store. It is fully functional and comes complete with a scientific calculator to solve some of those more pesky equations.

You have access to an optional RPN mode, multiple undo and redo for fixing mistakes, unit conversions and the app lets you change the style of your calculator with two highly praised designs.

If your looking for something quick that will help you with all your mathematics calculations then this app if defiantly for you!

It is worth mentioning that the application features a premium mode and this includes some interesting features like a paper tape, engineering and scientific notation as well as full support for hexadecimal, octal and binary calculations.

These features can be bought separately or as one full package and these range in price from ?0.69 up to ?1.99.

The app currently only comes in English but is supported on a number of devices including iPhone, iPod touch and iPad and requires iOS 4.3 or later.

Still not convinced? Check out our review of the app on the above YouTube video as we give it a thorough going over on the iPad Mini, we are sure you will be impressed!

Thanks for reading and stay tuned tomorrow, as we take a look at the Wikipanion app for iPad and iPhone.

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