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The Best Virtualization App For Mac OS X

The Best Virtualization App For Mac OS X

Although, the number of virtualization applications offered by Mac OS X is very limited, the competition is quite healthy. Among those apps, Parallel, is considered as the strongest contender because of its easy to use interface, excellent performance and the great Mac-featured set. the price of this virtualization app is tagged to be $80 and has been designed to operate on the Mac platform.


  • Can also run on other popular operating systems such as Linux and Windows apart from Mac operating systems.
  • the virtualization of Windows OS provides several methods of integration so as to create a virtualized environment with your Mac operating systems, such as the option of file sharing as well as the sharing of the external device.
  • Has the ability to operate multiple virtualized environments simultaneously.
  • Provides full-support to the Mac OS X Lion’s full screen mode which is an excellent feature for creating virtualized environments.
  • the virtualized environment of Windows provides complete support to the Mac’s feature of Expose, multitouch gestures, as well as Spaces and Mission Control in the Mac OS X 10.7 Lion.
  • the characteristics of Coherence mode allows the user to run virtualized Windows application in the same manner as they operate on Mac operating systems.
  • installs Mac OS X Lion easily to a virtual machine starting from the restore partition.
  • all-around fast and reliable performance.
  • the applications allow the user to transfer your files from the existing Windows machine to a brand new virtualized machine on the Mac operating system. this feature is provided for a $5 fee.
  • 7.1 Surround sound support.
  • space allocation is up to 1 GB of video RAM.

The Upside

the application of Parallels Desktop has been designed to improve the performance level with every new operating system version as well as adding up of new and improved features so as to make the process of virtualization easy so that it can be used by =eventually any person. Moreover, the installation process was also not complicated even in its initial version but, with the latter models, it has also turned out to be of great ease. all you have to do is to give it a disk image and the entire process of the installation is handled by itself. with every version, (version & now) the user can notice the incredible performance and level of ease is improved to the greatest extent.

the program of Parallels Desktop was initially designed to operate with Microsoft Windows and has now extended t supports Linux and Mac operating systems. but, the main focus remains on Windows and it can be clearly seen that the virtualized environment is very much integrated with Windows operating systems. It makes the accessing of Windows apps in the Mac OS X. Furthermore, with the help of the Coherence mode, any Windows supporting app can be easily operated on Mac like its native program.

On the other hand, it can also install OS X Lion from the restoring partition on the existing Mac system. the basic concept behind Parallels Desktop is to eliminate tedious efforts out from the process of virtualization and make it an easy to perform task and, in this regard, this application has turned out to be very successful.

The Downside

Parallels Desktop is subjected to very few downsides in itself. the major drawback is the price tag it holds. Since, many users prefer to use free applications, the $80 price of the application might seem a bit high to the users of the application. However, a good discount can be availed on the up gradation, but, those too are priced to be $50 which was $40 on the initial release.

Speaking about the issues in the software, there is not much to talk about. Sometimes searching for particular settings in your virtual machine can turn out to be bit daunting because there are several options provided. Moreover, the setup process is so simple that when the user gets to edit the preferences of the machine, there is a big list from which the user has to configure. On the other hand, when the user deals with the operating system, there will appear some minor but unusual pop-ups that might be a bit annoying or you.

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