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The Best Free Games For Your iPad

After you’ve spend hundreds of dollars on a brilliant iPad the last thing you want to do is to spend even more money on games to play on it. Well never fear because in this article I will give you the best free games for your iPad. So sit back, relax, and start downloading and find some games that will really knock your socks off.

1-     Paper toss

This might not seem like the kind of game that you could spend hours playing, until you sit down with it and suddenly three hours have gone by and you didn’t even notice. This is because the creators have taken a relatively simple concept and turned it into something that’s truly amazing and addictive. We have all had those days in the office when you’re bored or unmotivated to do anything so you see how many balls of paper you can throw into the nearby trash can. This is the premise of the game, only there is a fan blowing winds in different directions and different speeds. You have to change the force and direction of your throw every time in order to get it into the bin. The addictive part comes in where after you miss one your score reverts to zero so you have to build your points back up again.

2-     Chess

There are many different versions of this game both free and paid, but it’s a worthwhile addition to any iPad. Chess# is a great app that’s not only free and connected to the game centre but it’s great for beginners as well as pros. There are some apps that don’t give hints and where the computer plays like a grand master in every game. This is great for some people but those who are learning the game and the strategy like the option of turning hints on or off as well as undo’s. You can play harder levels in Chess# to- it’s not just a game for beginners.

3-     Car racing

For the rev heads among us who enjoy the freedom of being able to drive as far and as fast as they like. The graphics in the iPad make these games even better than they were before and you can get some beauties that look better than console game played on your TV. In most of the games your car is controlled by steering your iPad which adds a great level of interactivity to the game, but there are others that use the ‘old school’ approach of joysticks on the screen. Most of these games are exactly the same, but Forever Drive boasts an exception the player can build a track and add it to tracks that other people have built to create a truly unique driving experience. The more points you get the more you can upgrade your car to suit the driving conditions.

So have a look for these apps on your iPad today and start playing. You won’t be disappointed, and if you don’t like them you can always delete them without having wasted any money.

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