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The Best Apps For New And Expecting Parents

Apple makes some great apps for parents. Here are a few of them now. The app store isn’t all about fun and games but it can help you to keep track of your loved ones and to keep them safe.

For most people, having a child begins with the pregnancy stage, and with this stage comes a lot of questions and a lot of planning. Well you can save some of those questions and those other baby planners because you won’t need them with Baby Bump Pregnancy Pro. This paid app ($4.49 AU at time of writing) is a one-stop app for every stage of the pregnancy. Work out how far along you are either from the expected due date or the date from the mothers last cycle and you will get up to date doctors, nurses, and mothers tips and advice for every day. You can use this app to share your experiences with other mothers or to share up to the minute information with your FaceBook account or through e-mail. Send everyone your ultrasound images or just select the few whom you want to view it- it’s your choice. This app isn’t just to track your baby’s progress- it also comes with access to a parenting forum where you can share your thoughts and experiences with other expecting parents. There’s also a dad’s corner where soon to be fathers can chat with each other and give each other a helping hand.

Of course, after the news that the mommy is expecting comes the 9 month long debate about what the name the child. There are over 100 iPhone apps alone that will help you to select your baby’s name. These apps cover everything from the most popular baby names to baby names of different origins and some apps that will only give you baby names for specific areas (Indian baby names, Irish baby names). While most of these apps do the same thing—let you browse and search through a long list of baby names—some offer small differences that are bonuses like the ability to have the name pronounced in different ways and to send the name to your FaceBook friends or Twitter followers to see that they think.

After you get the baby home you will soon find that your troubles begin when it comes time to settling them down for their nap. There are quite a few apps that will help with this, like the Baby Soother Free which will turn your mac device into a soothing music and light station for your child. It has a range of nursery rhymes and songs that babies love to listen to and it will play a slow moving and soothing display on the screen to avoid your child being startled with the bright lights of the normal iPad or iPhone display.

There are also some really great apps like the Baby Log Lite app which gives you a great digital log your baby’s feeding times, changing times, and sleeping times. Use these for doctor visits or just to keep as a reminder.

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