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Tellagami for iOS App Review

It seems filmmaking and animation are not just vocations for the professionals anymore. Thanks to the camera and a whole wealth of various video editing applications, it can take just minutes to film and produce an entire short film with an iPhone, although quality will of course vary based on how good you are and whether you have a decent microphone to go with it. But animation is traditionally much harder as it requires months of painstaking work just to film a few seconds of footage. That is unless you are willing to use animations that have already been programmed for your leisure, in which case you can write, produce and edit an animated short in just as little time. Tellagami is available now from the App Store and it is completely free.

What you should not expect from Tellagami is the ability to create a new Pixar epic as that does indeed require a little more work, but what you can do with this app is create a simple little story and, most importantly, have a lot of fun while you are doing it. First of all, the name is a sort of pun on the word “origami” and in order to make it work, the story you create is referred to as a “gami”, so that you can “tell-a-gami”.

The app is easy to use and once you launch it you can get going straight away. You begin with a character in a room, but you can then customise the character to suit your needs by changing such things as gender, hair and clothes. You also have a selection of locations to choose from, although a great feature is the ability to take a photo and use that as the background. With your character and location sorted you can then get to work on the actual story. With your dialogue sorted, you can either record it using your own voice or indeed someone else’s, or you can simply type the dialogue, which will then be converted to speech by the app. The character will then speak the dialogue as you have recorded it.

Once this is all done you can then preview your gami and, if you are happy with it, share it to all the usual places like Facebook, as well as via email and even text. If you opt for the latter, the gami will be uploaded to the app’s official site and a link to it will be sent to your recipients. Otherwise you can save it to your camera roll and send it elsewhere. Whatever you decide to do, it is a simple process that will require little more than a tap from you.

The app is not flawless and it does sometimes crash, especially when you try to record your own dialogue, although hopefully the bugs will be worked out soon because despite the problems, it is a lot of fun to play with and, while it is limited, you can still do a lot with it with a little imagination. Budding filmmakers will enjoy it, although they are unlikely to start a career with it.

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