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TapFX for iPhone App Review

TapFX for iPhone App Review

If photography is something you are genuinely into and serious about then you will probably not wish to add any effects to your photos any more outlandish than making them black and white. All you need is a camera and a suitable image to capture forever and show off. Other people however like to have a bit more fun with their pictures and add various creative touches to their photos to give them a more playful quality or maybe present them as a different kind of artwork if that’s your thing.

TapFX is an app that targets the latter group of people, although it is unlikely that they will use it to create anything one would consider as art. It is more of a fun application for adding colourful images, designs and other effects to a photo and does not require any design skills. All you need is a photo and a bit of imagination. Serious artists should probably look elsewhere, although you might be able to create something deep and meaningful with this if you really put your mind to it. At the very least, it can enhance photos and add some extra style if you use it properly.

Users of WowFX will be no stranger to what TapFX entails as it is the follow-up to that photo filter app and offers more or less the same features, with a few extra filters. Like its predecessor, TapFX features various effects, with over 100 to choose from, which you can decorate your pictures with as you see fit. Effects include things like stars and comets, water splashes, more abstract images and many more so you should be able to find something relevant to your photo.

TapFX is very easy to use and certainly looks good too. The layout is simple with buttons on the bottom allowing you to choose the effect you want, opening up futher, more specific options. After taking a photo you can add these effects in seconds, as well as putting various filters on. Once your creation is complete you will be able to open it in various other applications, such as Instagram and iPhoto.

TapFX is colourful and fun to use, although it does not offer much more than WowFX did so if you already own that one, it probably won’t really be worth your while buying its successor. The main appeal is the increased range of effects on offer but this isn’t really enough to justify buying it in addition to WowFX. Having said that, while it would usually cost $1.99 it is currently on sale for $0.99 so it is worth checking out and even if you are underwhelmed, it’s no major loss.

TapFX is designed for the iPhone screen but is also compatible with the iPad, which provides a bit more room to work with and may be preferable. However it is not currently formatted for the iPhone 5 screen so if you have one of these and want the app, you will need to wait for an update.

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