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TakTik iPhone 4 Case Review

If you are one of those Apple customers who have yet to upgrade to the iPhone 5, whether for economic reasons or simply because you are happy with your current handset and see no need to change yet, then you may be looking for a way to protect your phone in the meantime to ensure its life does not come to a premature end due to damage. If you are currently in possession of an iPhone 4 then you might like the new TakTik case that has been tailored specially for it and is available now from the official Lunatik website for between $99.95 and $124.95, depending on which one you choose.

You may have heard of Lunatik, an independent company who began as a Kickstarter project, who created the iPod Nano watch bands. Now they are back with the TakTik iPhone 4 case that provides optimum protection for your device without robbing it of any of its usability when it is contained in the sturdy housing.

The TakTik is certainly distinctive and is not so much a case but more a suit of armour for your iPhone 4. This casing is crafted from the kind of aluminium that is deemed worthy enough to make aircrafts from so you know this is the real deal and will certainly achieve what it sets out to do. Indeed, if you drop your iPhone while it is wearing the TikTak it will emerge unscathed, making this an idea product for the clumsier iPhone owner, but even careful customers will appreciate the peace of mind it offers.

The TikTak has various openings so as not to obstruct the camera or other ports and buttons while a window for the screen allows you to use it. The more expensive version also adds a protective layer of glass for the screen but is sensitive enough to allow you to continue using it.

There are very minor flaws, although these tend to be a matter of opinion on the user’s part. Some may find the casing a bit too cumbersome, considering the increase in size your iPhone receives and access to the ports through the case may take some getting used to. It should also be noted that the case is screwed on, requiring a little work to remove it, but this only adds to the protection it gains. Overall this is a great product if you have the money for it and does its job perfectly.

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