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Take off with Flight Control

Take off with Flight Control

Holidays are generally sumonimous with airports and aeroplanes and this year’s holiday is no different. This year though instead of flying I am addictively controlling in the form of the brilliant iPhone/iPod Touch game ‘Flight Control’.

The game is simple, you control the air space above three different landing strips. Simple tap on a plane and draw the flight path with your finger directing the planes (and their thankful passengers) to the landing strip.


Sound easy ? Well it is for the first few planes but the airspace quickly fills up and soon you are juggling the safety of helicopters, jets, two props the lot!

For the first few hours I struggled to land thirty planes, baffled at high scores into the hundreds I kept going mastering a massive 56 after about the same number of attempts.

The game offers the ability to share your score online (requires registration) i had a bit if trouble getting registered and you may want to register via the game website rather than within the game). The game comes with three different maps and enough of a challenge for it to remain on your iPod Touch or iPhone for sometime to come.

A peer to Peer multiplayer application is available where the runways are shared over both iphones. If you thought the single player was difficult then give the multiplayer a rattle. The peer to peer works even over a cellular network (not sure how that works but it does).

At only 59p this game is excellent value and will provide hours of entertainment. Be warned though this is a very difficult game to set down, the “just one more game” saw me playing late into the night.


If you beat my score feel free to add a screenshot to the Total Apps flickr group or if you can get the online results to work my username is, yes you guess it !

Click here for download information.

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