Netflix User Profile Feature Available On Apple TV

Twitter reports have come into to suggest Netflix have activated User Profiles on Apple TV and other platforms. This means we can be seeing personalised recommendations on one account. This report has come […]

Microsoft updates SkyDrive for Mac

  Devoted mac users may still think of Microsoft as an enemy due to that whole “Mac vs. Windows” thing.However,it would’ve been a lie if we said that the guys from Redmond don’t […]

How To Sustain Without a Jailbreak In iOS 5

The upcoming device from Apple, iOS 5 is yet to have an untethered jailbreak and, as a matter of fact, a tethered jailbreak is another form of a bummer. Although, the hackers of […]

Delivery Status iOS And Mac Apps

If you are a very frequent online buyer, you might be receiving a whole lot of e-mails from several online stores which tends to provide information regarding the shipping status related to your […]

November 16, 2011, Macintosh Product Updates

Product updates and announcements for Mac products for November 16, 2011 are as follows: Software Updates ShrinkRay X has been released by Crumple Pop and is a fully featured tilt shift effect for […]

Apple’s Latest iPhone – 4S

The iPhone has been around for several years and it has been one of those turning points in the world. The iPhone brought a new era with it. This was something that almost […]

Features Of iOS 5

Apple arranged a media event this Tuesday morning in which it announced that iOS 5 will be made available iPad, iPhone and iPod touch.  The new version of iOS will be available for […]

Latest Productivity Apps

A true fact is that being productive in your work is always not quite easy. In being so, a long list of to-do’s is created among which the prioritizing of jobs and tasks […]

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