New Gorilla Glass Will Kill Germs On Your Phone

Corning have announced at CES 2014 that their new range of Gorilla Glass will actively help fight bacteria and germs on your smartphone. These days it seems being just tough in the Gorilla […]

How To Close Open Apps In iOS 7

With Apple releasing iOS 7 to the public yesterday some people are still struggling to find their way around. One of the main confusions seems to be how to close apps which are […]

New Apple TV Coming Next Month

New Apple TV hardware could be coming as soon as next month according to MG Seigler. At the begging of September multiple reports did suggest that we would see Apple release a new Apple […]

Pick Up The iPhone 5C From O2 For ?50

Pre-Order the iphone 5c on O2

O2 is one of the first UK carriers to reveal its prices for the iPhone 5C putting it on sale at only ?50. O2 are offering the iPhone 5C with unlimited texts, 600 […]

Which Will you buy? iPhone 5C or iPhone 5S?

With two new iPhone’s coming out later this month, we ask, which will you buy… the iPhone 5s or the iPhone 5c? Apple’s new ‘forward thinking’ has left many customers scratching their heads […]

Getting Error When Trying To Download iOS 7

As expected Apple officially released iOS 7 for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch and as expected the servers are currently getting hit by thousands of people trying to download the same files meaning […]

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