Mac Troubleshooting Made Easy 2

In our previous post, we discussed Mac troubleshooting. There is so much to discuss that even if we cut it short, it would still take at least two posts, and this is why […]

Turning off the Spotlight

There are many people who do not like working with Spotlight. It uses a lot of processing time and disk space as well. Turning it off will increase your system performance. Plus, turning […]

Enabling Firewall in Snow Leopard

Internet is the best thing in the world, and we all know it. But with internet, many things have become unsafe. And since we generally don’t think much about security, we mostly ignore […]

Mac Emergencies – How to Handle them?

Everyone knows that Mac operating system is steadier than Windows. There aren’t a lot of Mac users who get kernel panic while working on their systems, while Windows users keep witnessing the blue […]

Mac Video Coaching for Beginners

Mac newcomers have to learn a lot. You can find many useful tricks and become the master. Let’s learn a few of them. This one is called Learn to Switch to Mac. You […]

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