MacKeeper 2012 by ZeoBIT LLC review

  We decided to start this week with a review of a famous software for Macs called MacKeeper 2012 by ZeoBIT LLC.MacKeeper has been gathering positive feed-backs from its users all over the […]

Unwrapping a New Mac

If you are about to own a brand new Mac operating system, then there are some few basic as well as preliminary aspects that will tend to save some of your time as […]

Why Macs Are Better Than Windows PC

There have been made several discussions related on the topic of Windows vs. Mac operating systems. Although, there have several ups and downs within the debate but, what has been experienced by many […]

Macs And Viruses

The one reason of Mac operating systems being so popular is that they are considered as less reluctant to virus attacks. But there are questions as to whether really Mac system is virus […]

Can FileVault 2 And Find My Mac foil thieves?

Apple has introduced a new way of tracking thieves by an excellent trick within the Mac OS X by combining the FileVault 2 with the Find My Mac Service of iCloud. FileVault 2 […]

Your Mac Does Not Sleep?

The Mac system consists of a feature of sleep mode which has dual benefits. Firstly, it saves the power on the system and secondly it enables the user to quickly and easily resume […]

Mac Trojan Wrapped Up In A PDF File

Computer security firms in European countries have reported that a warning should be given to all Mac users in order to keep an eye on any signs of malware entering into the system. […]

Security Flaws In The Mac OS X Lion

The latest version of the Apple Mac OS X has reported two extreme security flaws in it. These flaws poses a serious security threat to the user of the Mac OS X Lion […]

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