Apple Buy's Fingerprint Company AuthenTec

Apple has purchased security firm AuthenTec

Bio-metric security company AuthenTec has been snapped up by apple for $356 million (?226 million)! AuthenTec specialises in fingerprint- and iris-recognition and there is a good possibility that the next generation iPhone could feature […]

How to erase the data on your Mac completely

For most of the people it is not a secret that when you delete a file on a Mac(or any other computer)you don’t actually erase it completely. The data for every file stays […]

Be informed, don’t let Trojans reign supreme!

In this era of technology it is critical on the kind of anti-virus software you use to run your machine. Technology has literally turn the world around and some of the computer threats […]

Kaspersky Security for Mac Review

The threat of a virus has never seemed to worry Mac owners as much as PC owners but the fact is they are out there, they are malicious and if you do suffer a security breach it could seriously damage your

Apple didn’t ask Kaspersky for help

kaspersky logo

Kaspersky security company made a statement on Monday claiming that comments about Apple asking the firm for security help were taken out of context and completely misunderstood.It has been also sai that Kaspersky […]