Vimari for Mac App Review

safari 5 is out in the wild

The invention of the mouse has made computing infinitely easier for users as navigation of the desktop is much quicker and more direct. However despite this convenience there are still a lot of […]

Why Hasn’t Safari Skyrocketed Like Chrome Has

In the previous days, there have several talks about the web browsers. The report that Google will be paying out Mozilla an amount close to one billion dollars in the coming three years […]

Stuff to do with New Mac

If you got a new Mac this Christmas then you should know what to do with it. Here are some things that you can do with your new Mac. File transfer If you […]

Safari 5 is out in the Wild

Despite being omitted from the Keynote Apple have released Safari 5 featuring a brand new Safari RSS Reader for reading articles on the web without distraction. The update boasts a 30 percent performance […]