Throwboy Pillows –

So there is this website and it is awesome. They have these apple icon pillows. They have the Photobooth, iChat, Finder, iTunes & iPhoto Pillows! They are 100% fleece and are filled […]

9/11 Memorial App. –

The 9/11 Memorial app is an amazing way to see the past, present & future of the World Trade Center. In the Past you can read a passage of information on it before […]

App Store's New Face! –

Apple has released  and begun to role out a new redesign for category home pages in the App Store. This means a new category feature will give the app store a more 21st century look. this feature has […]

Discovr Music App Review –

Discovr Music is a simple to use mind map of artist that you like. You can find it in the app store for ?1.49 which is a very decent price for iPad and […]

Skype Release Another IOS App

Skype has recently rebranded Skype Access to Skype WiFi, along with releasing another free application for IOS devices. The app will allow people with current Skype Credit to be able to log on […]

djay App review

Well a lot of us are fans of DJ Heros (not the game!), and wouldnt we all want to pull of them tracks! Now you can….. try your best, with the new djay […]

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