The Daily App Review : Comic's By ComiXology

Comic’s By Comixology is the number 3 Top Grossing iPad Application of 2012 and it looks like its future in 2013 is extremely bright. Comic’s is a new revolutionary way to read comic […]

The Daily App Report : Jasmine YouTube

The Jasmine YouTube App for iPad and iPhone is a fully functional YouTube client that’s runs on your iPad and iPhone. The app lets you do the usual things on YouTube like commenting, watching HD videos, subscribing to your favorite channels […]

The Daily App Report : Flipboard

Flipboard is a beautifully designed application for iPhone and iPad. The application creates a colorful personalized magazine out of everything that is shared with you whether it be on Facebook, News-feed, Twitter and even Google+. If you like […]

The New iPad (iPad 3) Review

So with the new iPad being released to the public today we thought that this would be the perfect time to release our review of the iPad 3. iPad 3 Display If you […]

Piolo iPhone 4s Stand Review –

This product does pretty much the same as the MoviePeg but a lot more portable . The product was launched back in 2010 after the designer , Andy wanted to  watch videos on […]

Apples Most Creepiest App Ever! –


Apple with their release of iOS 5 released two apps that are questionable. The invented a new way to send card for as low as $2.99. The app Cards is a great app […]

Mobee Technology Magic Charger Review

The Mobee Magic Charger address’ one of the most annoying problems with the Apple Magic Mouse and that is the battery life. Apple include 2 alkaline batteries with the magic mouse which will […]

No iPhone 5 But Just As Good The iPhone 4s –

Lets take a look at the iPhone 4s which recently got announced at the “Lets talk iPhone ” Event earlier today . There was only 1 iPhone released today which was the iPhone […]

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