The Daily App Report : Dungeon Hunter 3

Welcome back to the daily App report, today we are taking a detailed look at another very popular application on the app store, Dungeon Hunter 3. The land of Gothicus has been flooded […]

The Daily App Report : I'm Jack

Good Morning everyone, today we’re taking a look at an interesting app from UGR studios called I’m Jack. I’m Jack is a running game, but its no ordinary running game. The game features […]

The Daily App Report : Pew Pew

Were going all retro today in the daily app report, and if you like retro shooters then pew pew is right up your street. The game is a multi-directional shoot’em up that’s similar to Geometry Wars. You […]

Mobile Receipt for iPhone

If you have ever had to keep a detailed record of your expenses you will know what a laborious task it can be to keep receipts and totals for the end of year […]

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